Mining and Exploration

Zeprio telemetry can provide valuable data for planning and decision-making. Mining companies can make informed decisions about resource allocation, equipment maintenance, and other critical factors by collecting and analysing data on production, equipment performance, geological and environmental conditions.

Real-time data on ore quality and quantity: 

Zepiro telemetry can be used to provide data on the quality and quantity of ore being mined. This can help companies optimise their mining operations and make informed decisions about extracting and processing the ore.

Zeprio cellular telemetry connects to digital signalling systems and sensors as well as analoque interfaces  on mining equipment such as crushers, conveyors, and ore processing equipment. These sensors gather data on the quantity and quality of ore being mined, including factors such as particle size, density, and chemical composition. This data is transmitted to a central control centre via cellular networks.

Monitoring environmental parameters: 

Zepiro Telemetry can be used to monitor a wide range of environmental parameters, such as air quality, water quality, and noise levels. This can help to ensure that mining operations are being conducted in an environmentally responsible way and that any impacts are minimised.

Zeprio Scorpio, a digital interface device, can be used for flow and pressure, water quality like pH levels, turbidity, and dissolved oxygen for reliable and effective decisions.

Exploration of new mining sites: 

Zepiro telemetry can be used to gather data on potential mining sites, such as geological formations and soil conditions. This can help mining companies to make informed decisions about where to explore new deposits.

Zepiro Swarm satellite solutions are a valuable tool for mining exploration. can be a cost-effective way to explore remote and inaccessible regions. By using Swarm satellite data transmission, exploration teams can reduce the need for expensive on-site equipment and infrastructure.

Safety monitoring:  

Zepiro Telemetry can be used to monitor the safety of mining operations, detecting potential hazards such as gas leaks, geological pressure changes from settling materials or rock falls. This can help improve mining operations’ safety, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries.

Zepiro Scorpio, the digital interface device, can help transmit data related to temperature, pressure, humidity, and other environmental conditions. These sensors can be used to optimise production processes and improve worker safety by providing  data on potential hazards.

Overall, using Zepiro telemetry in mining and exploration can help improve the efficiency, safety, and sustainability of mining operations, ensuring that mining companies can extract resources responsibly and sustainably.