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An exciting new direct-to-orbit telemetry solution.

Zepiro D2O SDI Product Manual

The Zepiro® D2O® SDI is a satellite telemetry solution for devices that can interface via the SDI-12 protocol. It is ideally suited to use in remote or difficult to access areas and can transmit from virtually any surface location globally. This user manual will guide you through the features and functions of this versitile product.

Zepiro D2O Setup Utility

The Zepiro D2O Setup Utility enables the customer to configure the D2O SDI to collect and transmit the required readings from your attached SDI-12 device. It also provides a convenient way to commission and confirm the correct operation of the D2O SDI unit during installation and before leaving site.

Zepiro Customer POST Format

The Zepiro D2O SDI efficiently packages the data messages of SDI-12 readings from the connected device, and sends them via a low-earth orbit satellite network back to a terrestrial ground station. From there Zepiro’s servers securely recompile the data packets to readable formats and forwards the data to the end user for analysis. This document details the communication format and processes required ensure secure delivery of your data to your visualisation system.

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