Zepiro telemetry is used in agriculture to improve crop production, reduce water usage, and increase efficiency. The use of telemetry in agriculture includes soil moisture monitoring and weather monitoring to optimise irrigation and fertiliser applications, reduce water usage, improve crop yields, and promote sustainable agriculture practices.

Soil Moisture Monitoring: 

Zepiro telemetry can be installed to collect soil data to measure moisture levels, which can help farmers optimise irrigation schedules and reduce water usage.

Zepiro Scorpio, the digital interface device, can assist farmers in collecting data to farmers optimise their operations, reduce costs, and promote sustainable practices.


Water management: 

With the help of Zepiro telemetry, farmers can receive accurate weather data that can help farmers determine when and how much to irrigate their crops. This ensures that crops receive the right amount of water at the right time, reducing water waste and increasing crop yields.

Zepiro Gemini flow unit helps farmers manage water by recording hourly flow totals, and data messages are created and queued for satellite transmission periodically throughout the day.

Rain monitoring: 

Telemetry can be used to monitor the growth and development of crops, including factors such as temperature, humidity, and soil moisture levels.

Zepiro Gemini rain gauge device can help farmers improve their crop yields, reduce water usage, and minimise the risk of crop damage due to weather events by collecting the data and taking efficient decisions.

Asset monitoring: 

The application of telemetry is not limited to the listed traditional data measurements. Any asset equipped with signalling outputs and be connected to Zepiro Telemetry Systems. Monitoring 3rd party product operations, such as Old Windmill pumps, solar pumps, Battery status of systems, huts and shelters, door and float switch, generator operation, fuel tank levels, passageways of livestock, Camp site usage, emergency alert buttons (Outback roads), just to name few.

Zepiro Telemetry is an essential tool for agriculture. It enables farmers to remotely monitor various aspects of their farms, including soil moisture levels, weather conditions, livestock health, crop growth and development, and equipment performance. This information can be used to make informed decisions and take appropriate actions, such as optimising irrigation schedules, reducing water usage, improving fertiliser and pesticide applications, and maintaining equipment efficiently. Using telemetry, farmers can improve crop yields, reduce costs, and promote sustainable agriculture practices.