About Us

About Us

Welcome to Zepiro telemetry company, where we specialise in providing cutting-edge data collection and remote monitoring solutions. We have established ourselves as a trusted leader with a strong focus on innovation and customer satisfaction in the telemetry industry.
At our company, we understand telemetry’s critical role in various sectors, from agriculture to environmental monitoring, water management, mining, and beyond. We are committed to delivering top-notch telemetry solutions that meet each. Industry’s unique needs and challenges. Our team comprises skilled professionals passionate about developing and implementing advanced telemetry technologies. Through continuous research and development, we stay ahead of the curve, Leveraging the latest advancements to create solutions that are efficient, reliable, and easy to integrate into existing systems. ​

We are part of Mass Electronics Group, a renowned leader in designing and manufacturing innovative environmental control solutions. Since our humble beginnings in Brisbane in 1984, we have grown from a home-based business into a thriving organisation with a team of over 100 dedicated professionals based in Brisbane and Sydney. At Mass, we believe in the power of innovation through Research and Development: our subsidiary, Innotech Pty Ltd, comprises. 25 skilled R&D staff, we invest significantly in continuous improvement and developing new products. This unwavering commitment to R&D allows us to stay at the forefront of technological advancements and offer our customers the most innovative and effective solutions available.

One of our core values is providing exceptional customer service. We believe in building solid relationships with our clients, understanding their requirements, and offering tailored solutions that deliver tangible results.

From the initial consultation to ongoing technical support, we strive to exceed customer expectations at every step. Innovation is at the heart of our company culture. We invest in state-of-the-art equipment, cutting-edge software, and a dedicated R&D team to ensure our solutions.
Are at the forefront of industry standards. This commitment to innovation allows us to provide our clients with the most advanced telemetry systems available.
We take immense pride in our in-house product manufacturing, ensuring that every solution we deliver meets the highest quality standards. By controlling the manufacturing process, we can guarantee our products' performance, durability, and reliability, setting us apart from the competition.
We take pride in our record of accomplishment of successful deployments and satisfied customers. Our solutions have proven reliable and effective in various applications, empowering businesses to make informed decisions, optimise operations, and drive.

Thank you for visiting our website. We invite you to explore our range of telemetry solutions and discover how our expertise can benefit your organisation. We are excited to partner with you and help you unlock the full potential of telemetry.